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Anhui Xinhua University

Founded in 1909, China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) is one of the key national universities directly under the administration of the China’s Ministry of Education

CUMT offers 57 undergraduate programs, 35 first-level discipline master programs, 9 professional degree programs, 16 first-level doctoral programs, and 14 post-doctoral programs. The university now has one key first-grade discipline and 8 key disciplines rated by the Chinese government as priorities on the national educational agenda, and 1national key incubated discipline.CUMT has a strong reputation across the globe in engineering-related majors. In 2017, in the forth round of discipline evaluation conducted by Ministry of Education, disciplines of Mineral Engineering, Safety Science and Engineering, Science and Technology in Surveying and Mapping as well as Geological Resources and Geological Engineering ranked the first, first, third and third respectively. The Engineering Science, Earth Science, Materials Science and Chemistry of CUMT rank the top 1% of ESI among all the universities and scientific research institutions in the world.

CUMT features good facilities for teaching and research. The university has 2 national key laboratories, 2 national engineering research centers, 1 national engineering laboratory, 4 key labsunder the Ministry of Education of China, 2 engineering research centers, 1 national university science park, 17 provincial and ministerial key laboratories and engineering and technological research centers as well as Low-carbon Energy Institute and Internet of Things (Perception of Mines) Research Center. The university library has a total number of 2,700,000 books and 3,280,000 digital books.


CUMT has more than 3,100 teaching staff, of which over 424 professors and 746 associate professors. And there are also 370 doctoral supervisors and 975 master supervisors. Teachers with a doctoral degree account for 70%. CUMT also boasts one academician of the Chinese Academy of Science and fifteen Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering (including honorary staff).





  • CUMT is located in Xuzhou, a city with a time honored history and comfortable climate.
  • 50% Scholarship for ALL candidates.
  • Flexible Study plan and payment of tuition.
  • Founded by a United Kingdom based mining company,
  •  International cooperation and has a very good multicultural campus spirit
  • The university has signed the cooperative agreement with 25 universities that are among the top 200 in the world
  • Work and study.



Study programs


  • International Economic and Trade; 
  • Civil Engineering; 
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Electric Engineering and Automatic



Admission Requirements

  • Senior high school graduates or students with equivalent degree;
  • With an average score of C or comprehensive score of more than 75, major performance shall be assessed by major teachers.
  • No criminal record
  • Physical examination certificate
  • The family has good economic conditions and can afford all the expenses for studying abroad



Study programs


  • 5 years of schooling, 10 semesters in total, 20000 yuan per year
  • Accommodation: 2000 yuan / year, insurance: 800 yuan / person / year
  • During the period of studying in school, international students can get high Scholarship (9000 yuan / year) according to their achievements.
  • In order to encourage overseas , the first year’s applicants are all entitled to 9000 yuan scholarship.



All our students are entitled to a 90% discount from tuition fee



Application requirements

1.A passport photo

2.A copy of passport (the photo page)

3A copy of your high school graduation certificate

4.A copy of your high school transcripts

5.A physical examination record (completed within 6 months)

6.A non-criminal certificate (completed within 6 months)

7.A bank statement (completed within 6 months)

Note: Documents written in language other than Chinese or English should be submitted with Chinese or English translations.


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