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Brest State Technical University


Brest is located  within the borders of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukriane and Russia. A driving distance of 25 hours from Brussel, 21 hours from Bern and 1,45 hours from Paris.

The university was founded in 1966, as at today has more that 7,000 students, 300 international students from China, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, The Sudan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Djibouti, Libya, Lebanon and  Moldova.

Brest State Technical University (BrSTU) is a large scientific and educational center in the western region of the Republic of Belarus. Here specialists are trained and a large volume of scientific research is carried out in the spheres of civil engineering, architecture, electronics, mechanical engineering, economics and ecology. Since 2011, the university has a quality management system. The development of the university is taking into account the changing needs of the republic and the region in the specialists: conditions are created for the training of highly qualified specialists; the expansion of the list of specialties is systematically planned; the Civil Engineering Faculty, as a part of the European Association of similar faculties, is developing and is preparing to give diplomas recognized in the EU countries in the near future to its graduates; the quality of the practical training of specialists is enhanced by combining theoretical training with the industrial practice of students of civil engineering specialties; a transition to a two-level training of specialists – specialists and masters. 

Brest State Technical University is a member of the Association of Technical Universities and the Association of Network Cooperation, is a part of a consortium working on 6 projects of Erasmus + program. The University has signed over 130 cooperation agreements with leading foreign universities.
The University has scientific-research laboratories: “Self-stressed constructions”, “Artificial neural networks”, “Pulsar”.
As at January 2019 BrSTU occupies 6029 place in the Ranking Web of Universities, according to the same rating, but among Belarusian regional universities – 4th place.

As of January 1, 2020 6390 students study at BrSTU (184 foreign students).

Training stuff includes 425 people, out of them 13 PhD, 157 Candidates of Sciences.

Advantages of entering the university:
•    A wide variety of specialties of different profiles
•    High level of specialist training.
•    Highly qualified faculty staff.
•    A place in the dormitory for all foreign students.
•    Interesting student life.
•    Opportunity to obtain additional qualification simultaneously with the basic education (for advanced courses).


Speciality QualificationDuration, yearsTuition fee per year

Architect52 600USD
Architectural Design Architect-Designer52 600USD
Production of Building Engineer-Builder-Technologist42 600USD
Components and Constructions
Automobile Roads
Construction Engineer 52 600USD
Industrial and Civil Engineering
available in English
offered in extra-mural form
Civil Engineer42 600USD
3 500 USD
2 000 USD
Finance and CreditingEconomist42 000 USD
"Economy and Management of Enterprise
offered in extra-mural form"
Economist-Manager42 200 USD
2 000 USD
offered in extra-mural form
Marketer-Economist42 200 USD
2 000 USD
Accounting, Analysis and AuditEconomist42 600 USD
E-Marketing Marketer-Programmer 42 600 USD
Economics of Electronic business Economist-Programmer42 600 USD
available in English
offered in extra-mural form"
Logistician-Economist42 600 USD
3 500 USD
2 000 USD"
Industrial Electronics
available in English
Radio-Electronics Engineer Specialist42 600 USD
3 500 USD"
"Computers, Computer Systems and Networks
available in English"
System Analyst42 600 USD
3 500 USD "
"Artificial Intelligence
available in English"
System Analyst42 600 USD
3 500 USD"
"Automatized Information Processing Systems
available in English
offered in extra-mural form"
Engineer in Information Technologies42 600 USD
3 500 USD
2 000 USD"
Programmable Mobile SystemsElectronic Systems Engineer42 600 USD
Software for Information Technologies Software Engineer42 600 USD
Machine-Building TechnologyEngineer42 600 USD
Technology Equipment of Machine BuildingEngineer42 600 USD
Machines and Apparatuses of Food ProductionEngineer-Mechanic42 600 USD
Motor Transport for General and Personal UseEngineer-Mechanic42 600 USD
Automation of Technological Processes and ProductionsAutomation Engineer42 600 USD
"Car Service
offered in extra-mural form"
Engineer-Mechanic42 600 USD
2 000 USD
Nature ConservationEcologist. Environmental Engineer42 200 USD
Amelioration and Water ManagementEngineer42 600 USD
"Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Protection
offered in extra-mural form"
Civil Engineer42 600 USD
2 000 USD
Sewerage and Protection of Water Resources"
Civil Engineer42 600 USD

GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMME (Master’s Degree Programme)

Tuition fee is 3000 USD per year in Russian / 3700 USD - in English
Speciality QualificationDuration, yearsTuition fee per year
EconomicsMaster13 700 USD
(available in English)
World EconomicsMaster13 700 USD
(available in English)
Accounting, Auditing and AnalysisMaster12 700 USD
EcologyMaster12 700 USD
Innovative Technologies in Machine BuildingMaster12 700 USD
Electronic Systems and TechnologiesMaster1,83 700 USD
(available in English)
System Analysis, Information Control and ProcessingMaster1,53 700 USD
(available in English)
Computer Science and Software TechnologiesMaster1,83 700 USD
(available in English)
Artificial IntelligenceMaster1,53 700 USD
(available in English)
AutomationMaster12 700 USD
ArchitectureMaster12 700 USD
ConstructionMaster13 700 USD
(available in English)
Melioration, Revegetation and Land ProtectionMaster1



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Specialities with Russian as language of Instruction: 3 500 USD

Specialities with English  as language of Instruction: 4 200 USD



Study in Belarus


Upon graduation, students are issued  a certificate and and then begin studies in Russian language : 1 600 USD

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