Named after N.G.Zhiganova


Kazan State Music Conservatory (Academy)

Founded 1945. Previously known as Kazanskaja Gosudarstvennaja Konservatorija (Kazan State Music Conservatory). Acquired current title and status 2004. 

In 2009, the Conservatory had around 110 faculty members and 700 students. The educational programmes are realised at seven departments – piano, orchestra, choir conducting, vocal, folk instruments, theory and composition, Tatar musical art. Since 1989, the rector of the institution is professor Rubin Abdullin, the first organist of Tatar ethnicity.

In 1997 the Kazan Conservatory became a winner of the All-Russia competition “The Window to Russia” in the nomination “The Best Fine Art Institution”.

Today Kazan State Conservatory is one of the leading musical institutions of the Russian Federation. Here teachers learn from many regions of Russia. Kazan State Conservatory provides specializations in piano, organ, orchestral stringed instruments, orchestral wind and percussion instruments, vocal, choral conducting, folk instruments, musicology and composition.



Conditions for study


  • All applicants MUST study Russian language, Russian literature and history   to get admitted




  • Piano
  • Folk instrument
  • Jazz
  •  Orchestra
  •  Folk Instruments
  • Vocal Singing
  •  Choir-Conducting
  • Musicological And Composition
  • Tatar Music Art

  • Bachelors in Choreographic Art

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