Institute of culture and Arts

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Moscow City University of Musice and Arts.

Moscow City University is Russia’s leading teachers’ training institution attracting talented students from all over the world

MCU is one of the oldest  oldest and higher musical educational institute of Russia in Moscow city. Moscow State Conservatory was opened as a small branch of the Russian Musical Society in 1860. Nikolai Rubinstein (famous pianist) was the founder of Moscow State Conservatory.

The Institute of Culture and Arts is the creative heart of Moscow City University. The staff mostly consists of Professors with PhD and Dr. hab. degrees. The learning process of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes is organized on the basis of credit and modular system.



Institute of culture and Arts


  • Decorative Art and Design
  • Painting and Composition
  • Music Art Study
  • Drawing and Graphic Arts
  • Social and Cultural Practices 

MCU accommodates students from more than 60 students.  With over 400 international students, making up 17,500 presently studying in the  institute of culture and Arts.


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5 Reasons to study in MCU

  • Entertaining student life
  • High competitiveness at the job market
  • Multiple opportunities to fulfil your creative potential
  • Various social guarantees
  • Unique Master’s degree programs in education and culture

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