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Northeast Petroleum University

Northeast Petroleum University is one of China’s National Key Universities. The university is a dedicated center of engineering studies and research, which also offers courses in many other disciplines including science, business administration, literature, law, and education. NEPU was in the first batch of universities that are qualified to the Educational Department of the People’s Republic of China’s requirements to offer admissions to international students. It’s high level Key University of Heilongjiang. Northeast Petroleum University’s main campus is located in Daqing, Heilongjiang province, along with its branch campus located in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province.

Daqing is the city of national civilization and the charm of China. Daqing city has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It is known as “the green oil capital, the natural hundreds of Lakes city, the hometown of hot springs in north China”. Daqing is the location of the largest oil field in China and the Daqing oilfield, one of the ten largest oil fields in the world. It is a famous industrial city with petroleum and petrochemical industry as its pillar industry.

Founded in 1960, NEPU now has 2216 members of staff and 23,025 full-time students. It has 64 undergraduate disciplines, of which 8 are national level featured disciplines, 1 national level comprehensive reform trial discipline, and 19 provincial level disciplines. It has 4 post-doctoral research stations, 1 post-doctoral research workshop; 21 disciplines granting doctoral degrees, and 89 disciplines granting master degrees; 4 disciplines granting professional master degrees in business administration (MBA), social work, accounting, and engineering. In 2016, the engineering course succeeded in entering the top 1% of university ESI scores.





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Bachelor-Program CourseDurationStarting DateTuition Fee / YearLanguage
Geochemistry4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Geophysics4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Exploration Technology and Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Resource Exploration Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Geology4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Petroleum Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Chemistry4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Applied Chemistry4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Polymer Materials and Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Environmental Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Chemical Engineering and Process4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Energy Chemical Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Mechanical Design4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Manufacture and Automation4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Metal Material Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Process Equipment and Control Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Engineering Mechanics4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Vehicle Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Civil Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Technology and Instrument of Measurement and Control4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Electrical Engineering and Automation4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Automation4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Communication Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Software Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Business Administration4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Applied Physics4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Electronic Information Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Electronic Science and Technology4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
New Energy Materials and Devices4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Chinese Language and Literature4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Choreographer4 yearsSeptember¥16,000Chinese
Petroleum Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥20,000English
Computer Science and Technology4 yearsSeptember¥20,000English
Civil Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥20,000English
Manufacture and Automation4 yearsSeptember¥20,000English
Business Administration4 yearsSeptember¥20,000English
Resource Exploration Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥20,000English
Chemical Engineering and Process4 yearsSeptember¥20,000English
Master-Program CourseDurationStarting DateTuition Fee / YearLanguage
Mineral Survey and Exploration2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Earth Exploration and Information Technology2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Geological Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Solid Geophysics2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Mineralogy2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Petrology2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Ore Deposits Geology2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Geochemistry2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Oil and Gas Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Chemical engineering and technology2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Environmental engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Chemistry2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Mechanics2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Mechanical Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Safety Science and Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physic2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Materials Science2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Oil and Gas Field Mechanical Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Civil Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Oil and Chemical Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Control Science and Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Electrical Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Information and Communication Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Oil and Gas Information and Control Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Computer Science and Technology2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Software Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Educational Technology2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Computer Technology and Resource Information Engineering2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Economy and Management of Oil and Gas Resources2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Accounting2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Business Administration2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Instrument Science and Technology2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Applied Mathematics2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Pedagogics2-3 yearsSeptember¥20,000Chinese
Mechanics2-3 yearsSeptember¥24,000English



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Application requirements

1.A passport photo

2.A copy of passport (the photo page)

3A copy of your high school graduation certificate

4.A copy of your high school transcripts

5.A physical examination record (completed within 6 months)

6.A non-criminal certificate (completed within 6 months)

7.A bank statement (completed within 6 months)

Note: Documents written in language other than Chinese or English should be submitted with Chinese or English translations.


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