Study in English ang Russian language.


Study Medicine in Russia

The universal task of a nurse is “to help a person, a patient or a healthy person, in carrying out activities related to his health, recovery or calm death, whatever he undertakes, possessing the necessary strength, knowledge and will.”

The study in our partner universities  is structured to form three groups of competencies: medical, organizational and managerial, research. The students s receive professional skills of the world level, study foreign languages, practice at clinical bases in Moscow and other cities of Russia and in the Center for Simulation Training. Students are taught the disciplines necessary for effective hospital administration – such as Marketing in Healthcare, Health Economics, and others.



RUDN University

Institute of Medicine

Study Nursing in RUDN. Education is offered ONLY in Russian language. Interested students will have to study Russian language first for one year and then  begin the Bachelors in Nursing.  

The cost of education is 4300USD for a year.

Bachelors program in Nursing lasts for a duration of 4 years. 

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