Me provide you ALL you need even before the demand arises. 

Securing of invitation letter

After receiving of documents and international passport of the applicant, our team proceeds with the arrangement fo the official invitation letter from the Immigration that will be used during application for Visa .

Document translation

All documents are requested to be translated from any language to Russian language. We do that remotely and save our applicants time and money.

Notarisation of documents

All translated documents are also requested to be notarized  at a Russian court.  We will handle that as well.

Exchange program

We encourage and assist  our applicants that want to explore education abroad with our University partners in other countries.

Airport pickup

At arrival to Russia,We  assist our students at the boarder and pick them up right from the airport. After that, we transfer the student to the university regardless of the city  in Russia. 

health insurance

Life made easy for our students in Russia. At arrival, the student is handed their medical insurance.


We register the student at the university and also at the hotel ( or organise and independent accommodation /flat).


We provide the students city tour, shopping guide, were to find religious sanctuaries, Open a bank account and provide a free SIM card. 

24/7 Support

We are on ground to assist and support the student regarding to their demands. 

We also send feedback to parents about students educational performance and general welfare.


As soon as we get your application, we will contact you within an hour.


Please watch this video first to have an idea about us . Also feel free to contact us if your question is not answered bellow.

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All you need is to contact us and tell us the course you are interested in. We will give you guidance and then you send your documents to our official email. [email protected] We will assign our team member that will guide you thoughout the process. 

Yes! but we as an organisation, DO NOT take responsibility for that or even assist in the process. If interested in scholarship, please visit https://russia.study/en

Russian language is predominantly spoken in Russia and will be a great idea if you want to study in Russia to know the language. However, English language is widely spoken too and is a  Medium of education in Russian Universities.

The cost of education in Russia varies, depending on the university and the program you are applying for. Average cost of education in Russia is from 2000USD Yearly. 

Yes you can ! all you need is to inform us before hand.

No! Although, we advice you to do so, but on a contrary, you can pay when you arrive Russia. But its a MUST to make payments as soon as you arrive Russia., 

Yes! its possible:

  1. Knowing the language is the best leverage when looking for  part-time job. 
  2. Get a work permit (Processed by the employer)
  3. Begin a little business of buying and selling or providing services. 

That is just a hearsay and a propaganda. Not trying to validate of Dis-validate any racial act. Just like in any other county, there are different people and different point of view about foreigners living in Russia.

Warm !! If you are arriving Russia between  September -May, you need to be extra warm. In Summer, it’s very hot in Russia. ( Just like in Africa or Florida).