Ural State University of Economics

Study Economics in Russia, with one of the leading Economics University in Russia

Ural State University of Economics is one of the leading economic universities in Russia. It is a powerful, modern, dynamically developing scientific and educational center, where the business leaders of the Urals and other regions of the Russian Federation, as well as the CIS countries, are trained.

Employers value the quality of training highly qualified specialists in the field of economics, finance, regional and municipal economics and management, food technologies, merchandising, service, and tourism. 


Course NameDurationAccommodation AmountTuition FeeOverall Fees
Mathematical support and administration of information systems4 years30019502250
Computer science and engineering4 years30022002500
Applied informatics4 years30022002500
Information security4 years30022002500
Technological machines and equipment4 years30022002500
Biotechnology4 years30022002500
Production technology and organization of public transport4 years30022002500
Land management and cadastres4 years30022002500
Quality management4 years30022002500
Economics4 years30022002500
Management4 years30019502250
Personnel management4 years30019502250
State and municipal administration4 years30019502250
Business Informatics4 years30019502250
Trade business4 years30019502250
Commodity research4 years30019502250
Jurisprudence4 years30019502250
Service4 years30019502250
Tourism4 years30019502250
hotel business4 years30019502250
Applied informatics4 years30019502250
Production technology and organization of public catering2 years30026002900
Quality management2 years30026002900
Economics2 years30026002900
Management2 years30026002900
Personnel management2 years30026002900
State and municipal administration2 years30026002900
Business Informatics2 years30026002900
Trade business2 years30026002900
Finance and credit2 years30026002900
Applied informatics2 years30025002800
Quality management2 years30026002900
Economics2 years30019502250
Management2 years30019502250
Personnel management2 years30019502250
State and municipal administration2 years30019502250
Business Informatics2 years30019502250
Trade business2 years30019502250
Finance and credit2 years30019502250
FOUNDATION PROGRAMME ( Russian language)1 year 30021002400

Application requirements

International passport data page.
School certificates ( for masters, including masters degree certificate and transcripts)

Birth certificate ( if available)


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