Ural Federal University

Study in the heart of Russians Economy


  • Ural Federal  University is the leader among the Russian higher education institutions in the percentage of international students in international rankings
  • Weeks of national and regional cultures
  • Declaration of Tolerance
  • Over 100 national student associations
  • International study groups
  • International principle of livingin student hostels

International Cooperation

  • Cooperation Agreements with QSTOP-500 65 universities from 53 developing countries
  • 130 joint internationale ducational programmes
  • Double diploma programmes
  • Educational programmes accreditedby the international agencies
  • RUDN University is thehead higher education institution for:
    • CIS Network University (24 universities)
    • University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (82 university)
    • BRICS Network University (60 universities)


Course NameLanguage of instructionDurationLevel of educationAccommodation feeTuition feeTotal fee
–°ognitive NeurosciencesEnglish2 yearsMaster50038504350
Food BiotechnologyEnglish2 yearsMaster50038504350
SportsEnglish2 yearsMaster50038504350
Human ResourcesEnglish2 yearsMaster50038504350
International ManagementEnglish2 yearsMaster50032003700
International Trade and EntrepreneurshipEnglish2 yearsMaster50032003700
IT Innovations in BusinessEnglish2 yearsMaster50032003700
Mechanical Engineering, Machines and Equipment DesignEnglish2 yearsMaster50038504350
Neoindustrial DesignEnglish2 yearsMaster50032003700
Political PhilosophEnglish2 yearsMaster50032003700
Practical Data AnalysisEnglish2 yearsMaster50032003700
PreventologyEnglish2 yearsMaster50040004500
Sustainable Solid Waste ManagementEnglish2 yearsMaster50038504350
Mathematics and MechanicsEnglish4 yearsPhD50036004100
Computer and Information SciencesEnglish4 yearsPhD50036004100
Physics and AstronomyEnglish4 yearsPhD50036004100
Chemical SciencesEnglish4 yearsPhD50036004100
BiosciencesEnglish4 yearsPhD50035004000
ArchitectureEnglish4 yearsPhD50035004000
Civil Engineering TechnologyEnglish4 yearsPhD50035004000
Electrical and Heat-power EngineeringEnglish4 yearsPhD50045605060
Nuclear, Thermal and Renewable Energy and Related TechnologiesEnglish4 yearsPhD50035004000
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish4 yearsPhD50035004000
Chemical TechnologyEnglish4 yearsPhD50035004000
Materials TechnologyEnglish4 yearsPhD50035004000
Management in Technical SystemsEnglish4 yearsPhD50035004000
Psychological SciencesEnglish4 yearsPhD50034503950
EconomicsEnglish4 yearsPhD50034503950
Sociological sciencesEnglish4 yearsPhD50034503950
Political sciences and area studiesEnglish4 yearsPhD50034503950
Linguistics and Literary studiesEnglish4 yearsPhD50034503950
History and ArcheologyEnglish4 yearsPhD50034503950
Philosophy, Ethics and Religious StudiesEnglish4 yearsPhD50034503950
Art studiesEnglish4 yearsPhD50045605060
Cultural studiesEnglish4 yearsPhD50045605060

Application requirements

International passport data page.
School certificates ( for masters, including masters degree certificate and transcripts)

Birth certificate ( if available)


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